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On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 11:29 AM, Gerry wrote:
I have the latest version installed, do I have to uninstall first in order to re-install and see the licence dialogue?
No, the License agreement is the very first thing that pops up, and that's by intention since you could be choosing to run what amounts to a portable version of the version you're already using, but "naked," that is, without any of your existing add-ons or other customizations associated with it.

That's a convenient way to figure out if an add-on and/or some settings tweaking you've done for your installed version is causing something to occur that does not occur in the "naked" version.  You can also do the tweaks you know you have already done in your installed version, one at a time, in an attempt to see which thing suddenly makes things go wonky.  I've never tried getting add-ons when using this "on the fly" method.

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