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I didn’t discuss that option for the following reason:
I have an installed version of NVDA.  When I run the exe file and use the continue running option, the program runs with the settings it somehow finds in the installed version.  Even the synthesizer I use runs and it isn’t the default.  When I make a portable bversion and close NVDA and run it after creation, it runs with default settings.  You might be able to get around this by using continue runnning and then use NVDA key control r, three times rapidly to return to factory settings but since I’m not sure what the cause of the problem is and if this completely returns everything to factory settings, I didn’t discuss the continue running option.  But that is the most conbenient way to test as a first step, use continue running and then, if necessary, use NBVDA control r executed rapidly three times to return to factory settings.

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On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 09:51 AM, Gene wrote:
You can see if the problem is an NVDA problem or something else by running the exe file and creating a portable version.
As an aside, you don't even have to go so far as creating a portable version.  One of the buttons in the License Agreement dialog that is the first thing that shows up when you run the installer is Continue running.  The other two are Install NVDA on this computer and Create a Portable Copy.

Activating the Continue running button makes the installer itself act as though it is a portable copy (without any add-ons or other configuration changes) without actually having to create an actual portable copy.  It also doesn't, of course, install on the computer, either.

This is a very convenient way to test with another version of NVDA if all you have is the installer and you don't really want to install or to create a portable copy for use elsewhere.

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