Re: Punctuation level has stopped working


On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 12:45 PM, Gene wrote:
When I run the exe file and use the continue running option, the program runs with the settings it somehow finds in the installed version.
I have the same issue, but hadn't really noticed during my initial testing.  Even though I have the 2021.3 beta installed, if I run the 2020.3 installer with the continue running option it does pick up my add-ons.

So, I'll retract in that if you want the easiest way to create a "naked" copy of NVDA, I'd definitely either create a portable copy straight out of the installer or out of an installed version of NVDA but not checking the checkbox for Copy current user configuration.

It's far too easy to forget about this "automagic pickup" of existing installed bits, and if you're intentionally trying to avoid that, best to use the way that insures you are avoiding that, even if it takes a bit more time to set up.

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