Re: Controlling my desktop with NVDA remote from my laptop

Saylor Cooper

I was actually able to successfully connect, thanks.

Saylor Cooper

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Below is a link to a site giving details of alternative NVDA Remote relay servers, so you could set the Host to the one nearest your location to reduce any lag in the connection.


It is advisable to ensure you use the same keyboard layout on both machines. 


The settings in the Connect dialog for the machines should be:


1st Control: Client (on both machines)

2nd Control: Laptop= “Control another machine”, Desktop=”Allow machine to be Controlled”

Host: or closer relay server

Key: Same key on both machines

Tab to OK and press enter.


Just because NVDA Remote connects to the relay server, does not necessarily mean the two computers can connect because there may be errors in the connection details.  The details given above, if followed correctly, should ensure you can successfully connect your computers.


On the Desktop computer, press NVDA+n followed by t, e, o to open the Remote Options menu and ensure “Auto connect to control server” is checked, then exit this menu.  Press NVDA+Control+n to restart NVDA and ensure the remote connection takes place.  You can verify this by pressing NVDA+n followed by t, e.  If the connect option at the top of the menu is unavailable, you have connected to the remote server. 






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From: Saylor Cooper
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Subject: [nvda] Controlling my desktop with NVDA remote from my laptop


Hello, I’m having problems connecting to my desktop from my laptop using NVDA remote. On my desktop, to set everything up I went to the NVDA menu, tools, remote, options, checked auto connect to server on STARZ up, use remote control server radio button, allow this machine to be controlled radio button. Then I created my host: Saylor‘s desktop, then created my key. On my laptop, I went to NVDA menu, tools, remote, connect, client, control a remote machine. I entered the host: Saylor‘s desktop, then my key and I get an error unable to connect to the remote computer. How long does my key have to because it is six digits. I also just tried putting in the host and then my key which would then connect however, once I pressed F11 and then it is controlling the remote machine, I can’t really control it because I tried to press the windows key and arrow keys and nothing. What can I do to fix this?


Saylor Cooper





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