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Thank you for your answer.
But I struggled to ask my question.
I just wanted to know if you are seeing the same problem regardless of whether it is deemed useful or not.
For information, I am the author of an add-on which allows selective announcement of command keys and which makes the basic function of NVDA less verbose.
Best regards.

Le 03/11/2021 17:27, Gene a écrit :

I don’t have an opinion.  The behavior does occur but I don’t know if it matters to people.  I never use the command because it is so intrusive.  Every down arrow is spoken, every control left and right arrow is spoken and lots of other commands.  If I want to move to the right three words in a document, I hear control right arrow every time I issue the command. 
A far more important question may be, who uses this command and why is it important.  Would more people use it and find it useful if it were much more limited, such as if it announced home, end, tab, and such keys but not the amount of verbiage the command results in when it is on?
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Subject: [nvda] About "speak command keys " option
I would like your opinion on what I see.
I checked the "Speak command keys" checkbox in the NVDA "keyboard" settings.
When I type "nvda + F12", I can hear the command.
But when I type "nvda + F1" or "nvda + control + k", I don't fully hear the command. The window that opens stops the announcement of the command key.
I think this is not normal and that the command should be heard also in these cases.
What do you think about it?
Thank you.
Best regards.

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