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Hmm, how long is a piece of string. Can you run a portable version with it and does that speak?
I'm just trying to find out if maybe its set in the .ini file to a synth you do not have and hence nothing works.
To be honest, xp seems more reliable in this context as if you have phones working via usb in other versions of windows, it quite possible to get some sounds through one sound crd and some via the phones, but xp only has the one choice, the current output. If you get system sounds and no speech its got to be that its either set to no speech or a synth which is not working any more. remember that old hacked versions of eloquence have been stopped from working as apart from being illegal they can cause crashes.
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Hello All,

I have had to resort to the MInite web site to install NVDA 2016.3 on my
XP computer.

The only problem is that I have no speech.

I have speech with Narrator.

So what could be the problem.

Regards, Maurice.

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