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Rui Fontes


Regarding the download link still pointing to version 8.4 is my fault...

No time to dedicate to this add-on, but next week it will point to the right version...

Regarding the absence of help, I do not understand why, since in my NVDA it is still present...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team

Às 16:08 de 04/11/2021, Chris Mullins escreveu:


I tried running the “Check for add-on updates” on my friends computer and it fails with an error all the time and I think it’s the certification issue that is to be fixed in the next NVDA release.  In the meantime, I thought I would try updating his WeatherPlus addon from version 8.5 to 8.6 directly from the link provided in the help link accessed via   the Add-ons Manager.  I was connected to the download page for the stable version but noticed that it was version 8.4 not 8.6 that was presented, so cancelled the download.


I have already got version 8.6 on my machine and see that there is no longer a Help link in the Addons Manager entry for WeatherPlus, just an About link.


Is this situation anything to do with the site for NVDA add-ons superceding the NVDA Community add-ons site?






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