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Quentin Christensen

That's true, we do try to communicate with everyone when we release a new beta / rc / stable build :)

With regard to whether you should use them, what we generally recommend is:

Alpha: These come out several times a week or more.  If you are directly developing for NVDA or for an add-on, then the alpha snapshots can be useful to test against.  Alpha snapshots are not guaranteed to be stable, so we recommend being confident in your ability to restore to a stable build and discourage the ongoing use of alpha builds in production environments.

Beta: Prior to the release of a new stable version, be release one (or more) Beta versions.  If you are a developer or a very tech-savvy user, interested in helping troubleshoot, report and test issues, then beta snapshots should be relatively stable, though again, we encourage anyone using them to be confident in their ability to restore to a stable build.

Release Candidate (RC): Once a beta version has been out for a week or so with no major issues found, we move to a release candidate.  We encourage most users to try the release candidate builds.  Unless any major issues are found, then the final version will basically be the same as the release candidate, and it is easier for us to address issues at this point rather than after the final build is out.

Stable: Once the release candidate has been out for a week or so with no major issues reported, we package the final version and encourage all users to update to the new version.  This will be the version available from the main download page from this point.

Once the first beta is released, and often just prior to it, alpha builds continue with progress towards the next version - so it's not so much "once the stable build is release, we start work on the next version" because actually, that work has already started.

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On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 5:11 AM Eduardo Fermiano Luccas <25102008luccas@...> wrote:
I found out that I don't need to use this addon, when a stable version comes, then when NVDA 2022.1 beta comes, quentin will warn about the beta

Em qui., 4 de nov. de 2021 às 15:01, Chris via <> escreveu:

As long as you are happy to try out betas and rc versions



From: Eduardo Fermiano Luccas
Sent: 04 November 2021 16:50
Subject: [nvda] NVDA update addon


hi friends, i would like to discuss about the update channel addon, do you think it would be a good idea for me to install to stay up to date with NVDA betas and rc and stables?


Quentin Christensen
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