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I am replying to this thread here and not on the chat list because my answer deals almost entirely with NVDA.  I hope it is helpful.  I am not assuming what you know but since I don’t know, I am providing what may be important information.
If your father mostly works with program commands and not things like the JAWS cursor, there will be little difference in what he does.  You can do a lot when you switch screen-readers because a lot of what people use are Windows and program commands.

There are a small number of commands that are important at the outset that are NVDA commands. 
Read the title bar, NVDA key t. 
Adjust speech settings, NVDA key control v.
Select synthesizer, if you want to use a different available one, NVDDA insert v.
Read to end, NVDA key down arrow.  Not the numpad 2, which you can use in JAWS, but down arrow on the main keyboard.
Your father should find using Windows Live Mail, aside perhaps from using this or that NVDA command such as read to end, almost identical whether JAWS or NVDA is used.  For browsing the Internet, NVDA uses almost identical navigation commands, move by heading h, skip blocks of links, n move by button. b move by radio button, r to name a number of commands. 
Your father will probably want to learn at least a little mlore about NVDA to adjust things like verbosity, but what I’ve written may be helpful.

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Thank you both for your help with this. I'll try the keystrokes with my father and see how we fair. He has just moved off of one screen reader to another so is familiarising himself with NVDA. Introducing Thunderbird might be step too much at the current moment, but I do hear your thoughts on staying in touch with compatible software and systems. Apologies for posting in the wrong group - will ensure I post the sub group with any further questions. 

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