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Eduardo Fermiano Luccas

i'm from brazil so i don't know anything, but have a great day

Em sex., 5 de nov. de 2021 às 13:25, Rosemarie Chavarria <knitqueen2007@...> escreveu:



Thanks very much for the explanation. I’m from California in the United States. I don’t celebrate this holiday but I respect those who do. Have a wonderful day.






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From: udit pandey
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Owner's Note: Happy Diwali #adminnotice


hi Rosemarie,

I and my family wishes you a very happy diwali

and respected Rosemarie mam,

diwali is the festival of lights it is celebrated in India in all the parts of India we where new clothes clean and decorate our houses with various types of lights and other decorative material

we  worship lord ganesha and goddess  lakshmi

and we light deeas on diwali

and also, on diwali, lord rama came back from 14 years of exile to ayodya

and again very happy and prosperous diwali!




On Fri, 5 Nov 2021 at 09:45, Rosemarie Chavarria <knitqueen2007@...> wrote:

Hi, everyone,


I haven’t heard of this holiday but happy Diwali to those who celebrate it from me too.




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From: Nimer Jaber
Sent: Thursday, November 4, 2021 8:35 PM
Subject: [nvda] Owner's Note: Happy Diwali #adminnotice


Hello everyone,

I want to wish all who celebrate a very, very happy Diwali. Here's hoping you and your family are all well, and that your holiday is filled with lots of good cheer.

To learn more about Diwali, please check out




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Thank you, and have a great day!




hope that you all are safe with your family,


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