Re: Announcing ObjPad add-on, a more intuitive way to navigate between screen elements

Ângelo Abrantes

I'm begining to work with the addon. I think that's a good idea.

If necessary, I can translate it into europian portuguese.

Ângelo Abrantes

Às 18:12 de 26-09-2016, Joseph Lee escreveu:

Hi everyone,


One of the strengths of NVDA is superb support for object navigation. However, there were requests from people who wanted a more intuitive way to do this, including using just the arrow keys to navigate between objects, and since early this year, a way for NVDA to have something similar to scan mode in Narrator (Windows 10 version 1607). The wait is over: introducing ObjPad, an add-on that introduces more intuitive object navigation facility and basic implementation of scan mode feature, along with possibilities such as one key command to move focus to the current navigator object and more planned for the future.


The add-on (for now, a development snapshot) can be found at:


Feedback is appreciated.



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