Issue with screen after copying plugins into system profile


Hello list,

I chose to use saved configuration settings in the Logon Window, and copied the necessary plugins into system profile.
Since I work with my monitor turned off, I didn't realised that this new configuration gives problems with the screen. Every so often, I hear the sound that Windows makes when a device is disconnected; the screen goes black, and after a couple of seconds I hear the sound again, and the screen comes on. That happens constantly, and I c an only think this may be caused by that change in configuration.

How can I go back to previous settings?

Which plugins are copied into the system profile, and where can i find such profile?

Sorry for these silly questions, but I've never done that before.

Thanks for your help.

ps: I forgot to mention that I'm running the latest version of Windows, and the latest Next snapshot of NVDA.

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