Re: Self-Produced AudioBook with NVDA


No, for several reasons some of which I've listed below:

1. It would have to be done in real time tying up your PC for that
period of time.
2. If this is something you're going to sell, the question as to the
possible legality of using the TTS voices comes to play.

If this were something non-commercial and you're doing for yourself or
for a friend, then I recommend the use of Balabolka instead. It's much
faster than doing it in real time.

If this is for self publishing, you need to read the license of
whatever TTS voice you want to use for this as to what it says about
commercial use.

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On 11/6/21, David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:
Hello Group,
Is it feasible to use the NVDA screen reader to record/produce an audio
If so, where can one find a detailed tutorial to guide the process
from recording to self publishing?

Thanks in advance.
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