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Why can't you simply issue the command f when at the top of the home page to move to the first form field and repeat the search until you get to the right one?  or if you know the field you are looking for is an edit field, your screen-reader may have a command such as the letter e to move you to the first edit field from the top of the page.  If it isn't the right one, you can repeat the command until you get there just as you can with the letter f. 
If you are looking for a link you have to follow that might sign in, you can use the search command from the top of the page and search for what you think might be correct.  If you are talking about moving to something that is almost at the rtop of the page, these methods may not matter but my7 point is that a lot of blind Internet users waste an enormous amount of time because they don't know or use these methods.  I am not assuming my suggestions are the best for what we are discussing on this specific page.  But they will save people a lot of time if generally practiced.

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What you need to do is go near the top of the home page of
and then work your way down the mass of links/options until you get to
where it asks you to sign in.
It will first ask for your username, you@..., then hit next and
enter in your password.
Once you login, and start at the beginning of the page,  you can hit H
for headings to get to the list of options you can edit, like profile,
mail, and stuff like that. I only messed around enough to change my
password and I did that a while ago so I can't really offer a step by
step guide on how to change your password. I don't use yahoo mail and
only have the account to use yahoo groups.

On 9/26/16, Walmir Schultz via
<wsautodidata@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I use Thunderbird to read my e-mail.
> Now Yahoo is warning about the need to change passwords.
> How can I do it in the web site?
> I navigated on the page for hours and did not find where to do it. The
> Yahoo accessibility help is useless....

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