say all not scrolling in word 365

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I had the believe that Microsoft Word 365 was to move the cursor along when using say all so that when control is pressed, the cursor should be at least at the line where speech stops.

But this is not happening. The cursor will not move with the speech, and will remain at the starting point of say all.

So if I start say all (NVDA +down arrow) desktop at the top of the document, I may be two pages down when I stop speech, and the cursor is still at the top of the document.

This makes editing incredibly tedious and conversom.

I am running the latest update to word 365, and NVDA 21.2

Also, focus moves navigator object is on, and carot moves review cursor is on as well.

This is only happening in word, and not in other editors or browsers.

Why is the cursor not following?



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