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The message states that the page can be moved around with the arrow keys.  If the browser were in focus mode, you couldn't move around using the arrow keys.  But to avoid any possible confusion, when speaking of the arrow keys, are you referring to the actual arrow keys or the numpad keys?

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Quick keys not working in Internet Explorer

You need to be in browse mode for quick keys and it sounds like you are in focus mode.  Try pressing NVDA+space to switch modes.





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Subject: [nvda] Quick keys not working in Internet Explorer


Does anybody know why Quick Keys such as B for button or h for heading wouldn't work in Internet Explorer?  I set up NVDA on somebody's computer and I'm able to navigate Internet Explorer using the arrow keys.  However, when I try to hit h to go by heading or b to find the next button, NVDA just says h or b.  I tried it on a couple different web pages.


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