Re: How to move the focus to the cursor in LAPTOP


Try NVDA+backspace or NVDA+shift+backspace.

On Nov 8, 2021, at 3:37 PM, firebull <pr7.coelho@...> wrote:

I have low vision and use the mouse a lot. I'm not used to the keyboard.
In NVDA, if I need to go back a word or move forward, I can't do it with the mouse. If I'm in the middle of a page, even with the mouse over some text, but I press the arrow keys on the keyboard, the navigation focus will start from above.
I've seen that it's possible to make the focus go to the mouse cursor, but I can't do that on the laptop layout.
In the desktop layout, I think it's something like NVDA+Multiply and NVDA+Shift+Numpad-
Help me please.

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