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On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 10:32 AM, David Russell wrote:
According to the Disability Answer Desk, Microsoft, All-in-one computers are considered laptops.
Thus is the keyboard setup like a laptop then?
David, what follows is not aimed at you and you alone, but needs to be said:   KEYBOARD LAYOUT IS ABOUT THE KEYBOARD LAYOUT, PERIOD.  What it is attached to is irrelevant.  You can, and in your case you have, attach a desktop layout keyboard to a desktop, all-in-one, or laptop.  What it's attached to is not what matters, what type of keyboard it is is what does.

If you have a keyboard with a full number pad, whether it's native to a laptop or attached to a laptop or a desktop, you can use desktop layout if you wish, because the keyboard itself is a classic desktop keyboard layout.  The laptop keyboard layout and commands exists for those laptops that do not have a built-in number pad on their native keyboard and that's the actual keyboard being used.  These days there are relatively few laptops that come with a "classic laptop" keyboard layout.  I haven't touched a 15 inch or larger laptop without a number pad on it for years now.

You really should be using desktop keyboard layout because you have an actual desktop keyboard layout.

The NVDA Commands Quick Reference can be brought up by any NVDA user via NVDA + N, H, Q.  It will open in your default web browser, and I cannot tell you the number of times I've opened this document when I have forgotten (or never yet learned) the keystokes for a given command.

NVDA calls the mode for listening to what various key press combinations do Input Help Mode.  It can be toggled on/off, regardless of keyboard layout, with NVDA + 1.

If your keyboard has a delete key, and it almost certainly does, using it for its native function makes sense, just as using the applications/menu key does if your keyboard has one rather than SHIFT + F10.

But, were I you, I'd set NVDA to be using desktop keyboard layout as you obviously have purchased a desktop style keyboard.

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