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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Don

Sorry no not from a USB stick.

If I remember right under auto play settings for a CD versionĀ  it needs to be set to play or install it is right down the bottom of the list.

This is more on your own pc or some ones elses computer that has it already set.

Then the CD version worked but if not it would not.

The USB side stopped back in windows 7 if I remember right so you have to do other work rounds.

If using a public net work they might have exe blocking software which will stop nvda from working.

Over here a few years back that is what happened and when explained to these networks I was blind and use itĀ  they done testing then installed it to those networks that are up on my website for libraries in new zealand.

If trying to help out some one see what works for you I also like the qqq one depending how they have the windows explorer screen set or is it called file manager or my pc depending on your windows version.

The following page from off my web site will show you how to do it from a CD as well as a USB stick on another computer.

The link is

The USB side if new to using it on another computer is start up narrator locate the stick then start nvda then turn off narrator.

There are other ways up on the website look for the sections to do with USB or CD at

On 11/11/2021 7:26 am, Don H wrote:
I have generated a portable copy of NVDA 2021-2 and it works well.
My question is there some way to make it auto load NVDA when the thumb drive is plugged in?

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