Newest NVDA and Vocalizer Voices?

Brian Buhrow

hello. When I began using NVDA some years ago, I purchased the Vocalizer addon for NVDA,
allowing me to use Eloquence and the Vocalizer voices from Codefactory. Recently, I was
prompted to install an NVDA update, but when I told the system to proceed, it informed me that
the newest version of NVDA is incompatible with the Vocalizer addon I purchased. For the
moment, I've delayed the update, but when searching around on the Web to find the latest
version of the Codefactory addon, it appears that there isn't one. I've seen a number of
versions that are "free" versions of these voices, but not the version I purchased.
So, what gives with the Codefactory voices? Are they stil supported and where should I go
to get the latest version of the addon if they are?


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