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Tyler Spivey

What you buy is up to you.
If you buy a standard qwerty keyboard, you can enter whatever language you want.
That's handled by Windows, not NVDA. Tell Windows you want to write in Spanish, and your keyboard will work.

If you want the Orbit Writer, you can assign gestures in NVDA's input gestures to control it.
You can emulate Windows commands like Alt+F4 with NVDA in Input Gestures, but you'll have to assign each one, and it asks you to enter the gesture (which you need a keyboard for, though the tablet's built-in keyboard might work).
If NVDA crashes, you can't simply press alt+ctrl+n like you can on a regular keyboard to restart it, since NVDA is handling the Orbit Writer. You'd have to restart it from the tablet.

I've tried one with NVDA, and For me, NVDA needs to be restarted every time the Orbit Writer turns off to get it to work again, which could be annoying.

On 11/10/2021 6:18 PM, Viris g. Rodríguez wrote:
Hello everybody. I'm Viris Rodríguez and I live in Mexico City.
About a month ago, I bought the InsideOne tablet manufactured by InsideVision. I thought I would be able to get used to the touch screen but I couldn't. Silly, I know.
However, I don't want to give it back because I'm not gonna beg Freedomscientific nor Eurobraille. So, I've been looking for an external keyboard to control my tablet.
I've recently found the orbit writer, which I really like. But, according to the user guide, it has no NVDA commands to control Windows. I've also checked some qwerty keyboards like the Macally FRcompactkey but I was told it only supported US English.
As far as I know, NVDA supports several languages. Is it possible to configure NVDA to enter Spanish characters using a qwerty keyboard?
Should I buy the orbit writer or a standard qwerty keyboard?
I'm sorry to bother you. Any help would be really appreciated.

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