Re: Can NVDA be placed in a default directory when creating a portable version?


On Thu, Nov 11, 2021 at 12:51 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Actually for me when I create a portable copy in a folder 

Key words here:  "in a folder"

If you designate a folder all of the portable NVDA content uses that folder as its "root folder" and gets created under it.

The problem here seems to be that many (and I hasten to add this is not saying they're wrong) are unaccustomed to actually specifying a folder in which to place something and that when you pick just a drive, it's going to use the root folder of that drive as its starting point.  Thus, if you already have files and folders at the root level of the drive you're using, the NVDA portable copy has its files at the root level and the folders it creates there as well.

To me, there is no "right way" for NVDA to do this, as many are accustomed to the idea that they must specify a folder on a drive, and if they don't, the root folder of the drive will be used, and very often that's precisely what's wanted so that you don't have to "drill down" in the folder structure of that drive to fire up your portable copy.

If NVDA were to create a subfolder then users would have to know what that subfolder was named (NVDA being the obvious choice).  But they'd then have to navigate to that folder to fire up NVDA portable.

I'm agnostic about whether or not a dedicated folder were created, because either choice has a class of users it's going to give consternation to.

One of the first things I try to teach my clients, and my partner (who seems to be a lost cause on this), is that you never "just allow" whatever it is to choose its own location.  You take the time to browse so that, even if you elect to use whatever location it is that's chosen as the default, you are aware of exactly where that thing is going to be created or saved.  Very often, it's not where you'd think, and then you have control over where it gets put.

When I go to create a portable copy from an already installed instance of NVDA, the first thing it asks is for you to specify the path, whether by typing it out or browsing (which is what I always do), and then checking which of the other two option checkboxes you may wish before hitting the Continue button.  Right there you have the power to choose precisely where you wish to have the portable copy created.

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