Re: Interview with Bhavya Shah - part 1



Nope - I have learned long ago that it is far better to look at the reputation of a school/department/discipline before choosing where I get my degree. I think what makes a difference for students is not the name or brand of the school but the faculty and other students who collectively decide the reputation of an institution. Stanford University is a great school as it is a well-known school in computer science discipline and have a solid research record. On the other hand, I am currently attending a public university in California and am looking at several universities across the country as I prepare my Ph.D. application packet (which, among other things, include grades and curriculum vitae (CV)).

My own NVDA story is not as exciting as others, but suffice to say that my volunteer experience gave me one reason for going beyond master's degree education. Speaking of that, I'm part of a roundtable panel at an academic conference on human communication that will discuss nonprofit organization research after the pandemic, and that to me is sort of my last public-facing task as NVDA contributor (there is one more thing I need to do, a subject of my next post).

Having known Bavyah for years, I'm confident that he can make a lasting impact with his studies and service to this community.



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