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Eduardo Fermiano Luccas

actually i always used max voice which is the default but my question was which english voice to use, i am now using american english

Em sex., 12 de nov. de 2021 às 21:28, Eduardo Fermiano Luccas <25102008luccas@...> escreveu:

thanks! I liked the max voice with American English, for my language, I used the same voice, max.

Em sex., 12 de nov. de 2021 às 19:37, Gene <gsasner@...> escreveu:
You will have to try different voices to see.  Different people have very different preferences when it comes to synthesized speech. 
As you move from variant to variant, the name of the variant is announced in the voice of the variant.  that may be enough to help you rule out some you don’t want.  I doubt, for example, that you will want to use Anxious Andy except, perhaps, as a novelty.
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Subject: [nvda] espeak NG
hi friends, i want to use NVDA as english but espeak NG has many english voices, and i want to know which english voice is the best

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