locked Re: Use these 4 Windows keyboard shortcuts with NVDA to Navigate faster and easier

Shaun Oliver

yes, I knew of some of these shortcuts. and congratulations on a well put together presentation.

On 13/11/2021 10:54 am, Mary Otten wrote:
Amen. Sad, really. Just give the info and never mind a video; for blind people???

On 11/12/2021 1:41 PM, Hareth wrote:
What a poor tactic to gain more views for your video!
You could of said which hotkeys in your post, or at least what is the
function of them.

On 11/12/21, TheeQuinn Public <theequinnpublic@...> wrote:
I just posted a new video. I use these 4 awesome Windows keyboard shortcuts
with NVDA to make navigating your applications much faster and easier. Did
you know these? Check it out and let me know if you knew
these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcuFjsn0wWw&t=11s

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