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Nimer Jaber

The speech synth used was the Microsoft Windows voices, voice Mark I believe.

Thank you for another great video. This indeed is great.

For those of you who complain, please go make your own content and do it better, then send it along to this group if it pertains to NVDA. If additional criticism is to be made regarding this video here, this topic will be locked.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 4:45 PM Dennis Clark <dennis@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know which speech synthesizer the presenter is using with NVDA?

It sounds quite good.


On 11/12/2021 1:49 PM, Ben J. Bloomgren wrote:

I had known about these keystrokes, but I’d forgotten about them. Thank you for refreshing my memory.


On Nov 12, 2021, at 14:13, TheeQuinn Public <theequinnpublic@...> wrote:

I just posted a new video. I use these 4 awesome Windows keyboard shortcuts with NVDA to make navigating your applications much faster and easier. Did you know these? Check it out and let me know if you knew these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcuFjsn0wWw&t=11s


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