Re: new subscriber with braille display issues

Eduardo Fermiano Luccas

here are all the options that are on my braily lines list! note that they will be in brazilian portuguese, but i hope it helps

brlttyhedo MobilLine USBhedo ProfiLine USBHIMS séries Braille Sense/Braille EDGE/Smart Beetle/Sync BrailleHumanWare BrailleNoteHumanWare Brailliant série BI/B / BrailleNote TouchLinhas braille Baum/HumanWare/APH/OrbitLinhas braille Handy TechLinhas braille SeikaLinhas EcoBrailleLinhas Eurobraille Esys/Esytime/IrisMDV LilliModelos mais antigos da linha Papenmeier BRAILLEXModelos mais recentes da Papenmeier BRAILLEXNattiq nBrailleSeika NotetakerSuperBraille

note that I don't use braily, I just copied the default list that comes up when I press CTRL+NVDA+a

Em sáb., 13 de nov. de 2021 às 09:50, Blake Roberts via <> escreveu:

What HumanWare braille displays do you have? You could have a Brailliant BI as I do, but I don't want to assume.

If your HumanWare display is a Brailliant BI, have you tried resetting the device by holding down the power button on the Brailliant for 10 seconds? In the device settings (the settings on the braille display itself, not NVDA), is the protocol set to HumanWare or OpenBraille? I would suggest trying to switch protocols on your braille display and/or resetting the device. Then see if NVDA can detect it.


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