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Chris Mullins

And you definitely have autoconnect enabled?


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Well, verified today, my configs are definitely used on the security screens
and after the security screen is on the status of remote access plugin is
"connected", however no access at all.
However, if I go to the Remote Access menu, disconnect and then connect
again, right on the lock screen, it works perfectly. It continue to work
after the computer is unlocked, however again stops after the computer is
locked. So, looks like the NVDA attempts to reconnect on the security
screen, I even hear the long beep, the indication of connection, however
there is probably something, which does not let NVDA to connect properly.
I wonder, if connections attempts are recorded to the NVDA log, I could
probably attempt to debug sometime.

All the best.

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Go to the NVDA menu Preferences/General, there is a button labelled 'Use
current settings on log-on and other secure screens' to copy them over. You
will require admin priviledges to perform this routine.


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How does one "copy this set-up to the secure screen settings"?


On Monday 26 September 2016 at 00:50:58, Chris Mullins wrote:

The way I understand it is that when your work computer drops into the
secure screen it drops your user NVDA settings and loads the secure
screen NVDA settings. So if you have the remote add-on with
auto-connect set for your user NVDA settings and copy this set-up to
the secure screen settings, your work computer will drop its remote
connection when the secure screen appears but immediately re-establish
it when the secure screen NVDA settings are loaded. Similarly, when
you log into your work computer, the remote connection will drop again
and reconnect when your user NVDA settings are loaded. Your local
computer shows as being connected but this only indicates that it is
connected to the host server, not your work computer.


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