Re: acapela not working on sign on screen with NVDA


Hmph, one reason not to get that software then.

To be honest I have often wandered about getting something better than microsoft defender but have not done so.

I have bgt programs, old visual basic programs and stuff microsoft chooses to detect as problematic.

So I have excluded my data drive, and my 2 backups which are used for backups as well as several folders on my hard drive, mostly programs.

So any blind game, or any blindness related anything is excluded because I just don't trust defender that much.

Even with this done I have had to manually exclude and allow certain files through manually.

And for now that works.

Sometimes if I need to keep the backups in for a longer time than normal, I turn off protection completely, do my business then turn it back on again.

The backups generally are not on for more than 10 minutes a day if that sometimes barely a minute or 2.

I have no real trust for antivirus or anti malware software and if I could do without it I probably would.

Thing is I know I need it, but its annoying enough that I have read several hacker articles to make it not work ever again.

Every time its gotten bad I have seriously conciddered making it go away for ever!

I have always managed to get round the issue in a round about way but even so I am glad its foollishness has not spread to my data drive.

I guess if push came to shove I could say no to several older apps and that would be the end of it but when it hits a lot of software who knows.

I have of course reported several apps when I had the last issues but doubt microsoft security ever read those as I never got any responce.

There isn't anything going on anymore but I am to scared to test that theory.

Plus my experience with microsoft has really make me mistrustfull of bits of it.

On 14/11/2021 4:23 am, Kenny Cheung wrote:
I was able to get the voices to work. I had to exclude the NVDA folder in %appdata% for malware bytes to not detect it as a virus.

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On Oct 18, 2021, at 08:51, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:

well so far, no response from acapela support. I may try finding someone from their company on linkedin and maybe try contacting them that way. 

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