Re: win 10 power settings

Don H

Figured it out. you need the hybernate option enabled before the fast
startup shows up. For some reason on my laptop hybernate was off.

On 11/13/2021 6:15 PM, tim wrote:
Fa low the trail.

windows key, type control panel in search hit enter.

Now hit P until on power settings hit enter.

now when it opens up tab to Chose what the power buttons do hit enter.

When that opens up you are on Change settings that are currently not
available so hit enter.

Just tab your way to fast start and do as you want.

On 11/13/2021 5:11 PM, Don H wrote:
Running latest version of Win 10 and NVDA 2021-2.
I have searched and searched for the check box to enable or disable
fast startup and NVDA doesn't read it if it is there.  Am I missing

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