What Is The Proper Way To Display Icons On the System Tray In Windows 11 As Concerns NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Shortly after I upgraded to Windows 11, I have had an issue when trying to review items on the system tray.  I don't see all of them that should appear. somehow (and I don't think it was immediately after installation of Windows 11--but maybe a day or so later) all I see if 5 icons and when I get to the network icon, what seems to be happening is that for some reason I lose focus on the system tray and wind up on the taskbar.

I must have accidentally changed something in some manner to hide/conceal icons on the taskbar. So what are the proper settings that will display all the icons I want to see on the system tray? In particular, I cannot access the volume icon on  the system tray.   This issue occurs both with the Windows command Windows key + B and with the add on for NVDA which uses the JAWS similar keystroke NVDA + F11.


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