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Quentin Christensen

Also, if a critical bug were to be found in an RC version, it is that little bit easier in our processes, to address it, and release another RC build, than it is if the bug is found after the final, stable version is out.  It is also usually quicker.  The RC builds will prompt to update to the final stable build when it comes out so the process is aimed at being as smooth as possible.

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thank you very much for taking this question away

Em sáb., 13 de nov. de 2021 às 18:20, Gene <gsasner@...> escreveu:
RC stands for release candidate.  It will be released as it is as a stable production version unless bugs are found that need correction.  RC releases are the releases before the production release and are the latest in the development cycle before production releases.
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Subject: [nvda] what is NVDA RC for
I know alpha has big bugs, and should never be installed main NVDA...beta has fewer bugs, and can be tested as main NVDA.but what about RC? it seems to me a lot with a stable version, so much so that NV access itself tells everyone to install, so my question remains... what is NVDA RC for?

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