Re: control plus windows plus either left or right arrows



What NVDA Add-Ons are you using?  I just did a quick review of the Input Gestures dialog, and the NVDA Quick Commands, and neither indicates that CTRL + WinKey + arrow keys is assigned to anything by NVDA (unless I missed it, and that's possible).  This leads me to believe that this is likely a conflict caused by some add-on.

There are a finite number of keyboard shortcuts available, and triple-key-press ones are seldom used, even by Windows.  I suspect an add-on has snagged this and that's why you need to use pass-through (NVDA + F2) to get it to have its other default function in the application you're using.

It would help to know what application that is, and what the intended function of the WinKey + Alt + Left or Right Arrow key is in that application, too.

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