Re: control plus windows plus either left or right arrows

John Isige

Windows 11 might use them for something, but it doesn't move by word. I get silence but I was also out of the Thunderbird message window, or at least, NVDA didn't think it was in focus. I'd guess either an addon, or not all of the keys are being held down. It's really easy to do with triple keys like that. I tend to try to use one finger between them, e.g. alt-win, and hit them both at the same time, and sometimes, you just don't have a good enough hold on them.

On 11/15/2021 9:43 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

What NVDA Add-Ons are you using?  I just did a quick review of the Input Gestures dialog, and the NVDA Quick Commands, and neither indicates that CTRL + WinKey + arrow keys is assigned to anything by NVDA (unless I missed it, and that's possible).  This leads me to believe that this is likely a conflict caused by some add-on.

There are a finite number of keyboard shortcuts available, and triple-key-press ones are seldom used, even by Windows.  I suspect an add-on has snagged this and that's why you need to use pass-through (NVDA + F2) to get it to have its other default function in the application you're using.

It would help to know what application that is, and what the intended function of the WinKey + Alt + Left or Right Arrow key is in that application, too.

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