Re: control plus windows plus either left or right arrows


Control windows left and right arrow does nothing in a document.  It is control left and right arrow that moves by word. 
It appears to me, that in general,     input help announces the function of a command when it is an NVDA specific command such as NVDA key t and doesn’t announce the purpose otherwise.  I found exceptions, being clipboard commands such as control c.  Down arrow is just announced as down arrow because it is nott an NVDA specific command. 
Others with more technical knowledge may wish to discuss if the behavior may be changed and how much work would be involved.  Another question is whether the work involved would justify the benefit. 
With the exception of clipboard commands, it appears that only NVDA specific commands can be changed in the gestures settings.  There are ways to change other commands but they are not done by NVDA.
The commands you are asking about are Windows commands and would need to be changed differently. 
When working in input gesture settings, you can filter by what something does such as current line, but you can’t search for a command such as NVDA t.
You don’t have to arrow through all the commands.  The gestures are organized in a tree view.  As you down arrow, you will hear dcategories.  When you get to a category you want to look at, right arrow on the name of the category to open it.  When finnished, when in the category or on the name, left arrow until it is closed or just go on looking down the rest of the categories and leave that one opened if you wish.

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Subject: [nvda] control plus windows plus either left or right arrows

Hi guys:


I have a question regarding the use of control+windows+left and right arrows;

It looks like when using these keystrokes,

Nvda moves by word or something;


I also use these keys to switch between desktops;

When I go into nvda+1 help mode and hit those keys,

It says the keys but not their nvda function;


Is there a way in nvda’s gestures listing of keys for me to see what nvda is doing with those keys, and perhaps either change the keystrokes or turn them off altogether without having to arrow through all the gestures?


Currently, I have to hit nvda+f2 to bypass the next key each time I hit control+windows+left or right arrows?


Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

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