Re: the talk tonight usually has the latest version
note if it complains about audio not working either switch to direct sound then back to windows audio not windows session.
windows session is supposed to be better but I have never got it working and when I have on each start the program complains it can start it so I havn't bothered with it.

On 17/03/2016 4:50 a.m., Mário Navarro wrote:

there is a version of TeamTalk 5 for windows?
if so, where to get?


Às 15:24 de 16/03/2016, Bhavya shah escreveu:
Hi Scott,
I will respond with two things here:
* 100 is the loudest and 0 is the softest volume you can acquire.
* If you are wondering what difference exists between the three
sliders, the NVDACon page explains that by the following quotes:
'5. While in any room, you will see three slider controls after the
list of channels (rooms and channels are the same thing), along with
an edit field. The first edit field is for system and user messages.
The second lets you chat by typing text and pressing enter. The first
slider changes your microphone's sensitivity (gain), the second
changes the volume of the room in general as you hear it, and we are
not sure what the third one does.'
Also, to test your mike audio, in earlier conferences, we did have a
mike audio testing room specifically, but due to technicalities I am
unaware of, our server administrator tells us this may not be possible
to implement in Teamtalk 5, or this NVDACon. If I remember correctly,
the alternative way of checking your microphone is by pressing Ctrl +
4 in any room or channel, and your audio should be echoed back for
your understanding and testing, as I was earlier told by someone.

By the way, for the Android users on this list, I would also like to
mention that the Teamtalk Android app is in development stage
currently, but you still might want to try it out from as its optimal accessibility with Talkback
is explicitly assured. A friend of mine and myself are going to test
the Teamtalk Android app ourselves as well. Will share our findings
once we are thoroughly done with our assessment.

On 3/16/16, Scott VanDeWalle <scottvandewalle2@...> wrote:
Hello Bhavya.
I installed teamtalk just now.
It appears like i'm connected, well not at the exact moment as i write
this but i did get into the rooms.
But, now since there is nobody there, how do i test my audio?
And those sliders for the microphone, is 0 or 100 the loudest.
I'm asking because sometimes programs i have run into can be different
in that respect.
Talk to you later.


On 3/15/2016 6:48 AM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Hi Scott,
Well, do let us know in case you have some specific Teamtalk problems
or troubleshooting requirements, and the TT experts here may be able
to help you.
Just to note, you can communicate in the conference via text messages
as well as audio conversation. Text chats are always recognized and
read out by others. If microphone configuration with TT is an issue
for you, hope that may no longer need to be an impediment for
participation in NVDACon. :) smiles

On 3/15/16, Scott VanDeWalle <scottvandewalle2@...> wrote:
Hello, i plan to be there, if i can get team talk working on my
I tried before and it didn't work, so we'll see i


On 3/14/2016 9:56 PM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Hi Scott, Joseph and others,
It was great fun for me too to be a part of the recent Accessible
World Techtalk presentation, and am thankful to Joseph for the same.
Just like this recent Techtalk event related to NVDA, I would
encourage everyone to participate in this, and future events,
including the NVDACon International 2016, of course. Looking forward
to seeing you out there, Scott, and many others.

On 3/15/16, Scott VanDeWalle <scottvandewalle2@...> wrote:
Hello Joseph and all.
First of all I wanted to say thanks Joseph, that was fun to
listen to.
I will have to reinstall the plugin though because I tried to
talk and
it didn't work i think.
But, thanks again.
Maybe some day I'll actually get to talk to you all in voice during
of these things.

I'm planning to be there during at least some of the nvda con
Sounds like it'll be fun.

Well, that is all for now.

Talk to you all later.

Scott V


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