Re: NVDA's handling of checkboxes especially in Google Chrome


On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 12:27 PM, Jackie wrote:
Truthfully, I don't think the vast majority of web devs know the difference between clickable elements & checkboxes.

Even though his comment is meta-NVDA, I'll say not only is your observation accurate, but it's more than just checkboxes.  In the last couple of years it's become all the rage to present links not with click through text or a navigation structure, but such that they look identical to a button to a sighted user.  The only way I know that many of these are links instead of buttons is that I've accustomed myself to looking at what shows up in the browser status bar when I hover on them.

For someone such as myself, who tutors those new to screen readers, imagine how insane it was when that practice started, unnanounced, and I'm saying, "Navigate to the {insert what's presented here} button and activate it," when it wasn't a button and if the button quick navigation was being used to try to "bounce over" to it you'd never land on it.  Let us simply say that neither I, nor my students, were thrilled about this development.  Even though I know about it, I'm still not.  Masking one type of element as another is just not a good idea from purely a design perspective.

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