Re: Quitting NVDA - The standard "what do you want to do" dialog with combo box is not appearing. Why?

Dan Beaver

In the settings under general about 3 tabs down the list there is a checkbox that says show exit options when exiting NVDA.  Check it to see the exit dialog or uncheck it to stop showing the dialog.  I hate the dialog myself so I always leave it unchecked.

Dan Beaver

On 11/16/2021 2:37 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Hello All,

I have just encountered a situation while assisting another member of the group that I have never encountered before, and none of my NVDA mojo seems to be able to solve the issue.

Under all other circumstances I've ever dealt with, when you attempt to exit NVDA the Exit NVDA dialog appears, the "What would you like to do?," question is announced, and then the combo box with the options to Exit, Restart, Restart with add-ons disabled, and [at least for betas] Restart with debug logging enabled being the 4 choices.  Then there are the OK and Cancel buttons.   This behavior happens whether I use NVDA + Q or NVDA + N, X as my method of invoking exit.

On this particular machine, NVDA just exits, with no exit dialog presented, and apparently has been doing this for some years.  We just installed NVDA 2021.3beta2, and it occurs with this version, too.  This makes me very strongly suspect that there is some obscure NVDA setting, somewhere, that one can set to make NVDA always exit when the exit keystrokes are entered, but I'll be darned if I can find where it is.

If someone knows what needs to be tweaked in order to bring back the NVDA Exit dialog, please share.

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