Re: nvda vocalizer & eloquence synthesizer plugin

Sarah k Alawami

I have the add on that has both, , I think the 60 dollar one.  I don’t use them outside of NVDA so for me the 60 dollars  was worth it.


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60 dollars from atguys and last I looked vocaliser is 120 dollars on atguys.

Eloquence supports just about every language you can think of well basically if you used eloquence before then it supports a lot of languages.

Vocaliser does to but in the sapi version you can choose between low or high quality and can download them as you will.



On 17/11/2021 7:08 am, Viris g. Rodríguez wrote:

Just out of curiosity, How much does Eloquence cost? I would like to buy it. Also I was wondering how many languages it supports.
Thanks in advance.

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Free upgrades, no more to pay once you have bought the licence thats it





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Subject: [nvda] nvda vocalizer & eloquence synthesizer plugin


Hi NVDA Users,


I'm planning to buy the nvda Eloquence & vocalizer synthesizer add-on for nvda from codefactory. Does any knows if the future upgrades for these two synthesizers are free or paid, and how much usually costs the upgrades?


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