Re: Improvements to the caps lock key and the NVDA key


I have personally not had any issue with it.

To be honest the fact the capslock key does what it does makes me know nvda is working.

If I hit it twice then hit it twice again I know nvda is working.

If I hit it 4 times or so and nothing then I know something has frozen up.

If I hit it by mistake I know it won't trigger which is good because I type really fast on this mechanical.

On 17/11/2021 6:00 pm, Rowen Cary wrote:

This topic has aroused heated discussions, and I may think that this issue is indeed worthy of discussion. In addition, I can use the two keyboard layouts of NVDA proficiently. This theme is only to improve NVDA and make it better. If I offend anyone, I apologize, we can continue the discussion or open an Issue on Github.

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