Re: FW: [win10] nvda and corrupted config file

Chris Mullins

In addition, take a copy when the file becomes corrupted again, which can then be compared to the uncorrupted original to find out where the corruption is occurring.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] FW: [win10] nvda and corrupted config file


When you  know the file hasn't been corrupted, copy it somewhere else.  Then copy it back to it's current location when it becomes corrupted.  I suppose you could create a batch file so you could automate this but it appears that the real inconvenience is having to create all the settings again manually.  That doesn't solve the problem of why the file becomes corrupted or how to prevent it but it would save a lot of time configuring NVDA repeatedly. 


Also, I doubt this would help and you wouldn't be able to change any settings or add any but you could try making the ini file a read only file.  I doubt that will stop it from becoming corrupted but it may be worth trying.



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Subject: [nvda] FW: [win10] nvda and corrupted config file


Can anyone provide a more easy to use answer apart from deleting nvda.ini
file? Thanks.

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Subject: [win10] nvda and corrupted config file

Hi all, probably wrong list but i do not want to subscribe to the nvda list
just to ask a question if i'm on a list that perhaps may already know, esp

The latest occurrence of this just happened last night and its like the
third or fourth time this has happened.
I'm using the anniversary update with nvda.
Occasionally nvda will just stop talking to me and when i restart either the
computer or nvda, i'm told the configuration file is corrupted.
I then have to go back and set every single one of my preferences again.
Any idea why, and how do i back up my configuration file so i do not need to
do this each time.
Thank you

Have a nice day everyone.


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