Re: nvda and gmail in basic html

Tyler Zahnke <programmer651@...>

This is about the way NVDA reads tables. In the NVDA menu, go to
preferences and then settings, there is a section of setting called
document formatting. If you tab a lot, there is a table section, where
you can uncheck tables, rows, columns, things like that.

On 11/17/21, Michael Micallef at FITA <michael.micallef@...> wrote:
Dear NVDA Users,

I have a minor difficulty and I sincerely appreciate some help.

I'm using the gmail in basic html view and when I try to move between the
messages using the up/down arrows, the nvda reports the foll9owing:

row 7 column 1
row 8 column 1 etc etc,

How in the world I can stop NVDA from saying the rows and columns in gmail
basic html, as a speech synthesizer i'm using the eloquence.

thanks in advance,

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