Re: NVDA's handling of checkboxes especially in Google Chrome


On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 07:40 AM, Gene wrote:
At times, one or a small number of people ex;perience something that isn’t the general experience.
Single case studies cannot ever be reliably generalized to the world at large.

And those of us who've had to deal with research studies and statistics also know that a lot of care goes into randomly selecting a statistically significant representative sample.  My personal experience is just that, and while I often report it I also expect that it will not be the same for many others.

In the case of computers and software, when you know that untold numbers of people are using a given something or somethings in combination, without issue, and things are wonky for you, that the issue is way more likely to lie with your computer system than anything else.  Major and even minor bugs that cause pretty much the same issue for everyone tend to be heard about on groups such as this one and in the tech press, and even sometimes the popular press.

As a personal example, I use Edge Dev Channel on this laptop.  I also tried to use it on another laptop, where it very frequently crashed.  I know of others using Edge Dev successfully.  That pretty much conclusively points to something specific to my other laptop that is not present (or, perhaps, absent) on the others where Edge Dev works like a champ.  The problem is idiosyncratic, not global, and I'd have to do the tedious diagnostic digging to get to the bottom of what it is that's wrong.  There's nothing for the developers or anyone else (other than perhaps a computer technician that I'd hire) to fix.

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