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What follows assumes that you are very picky about what attachments you will, or will not, open.  I am one of those people, and I don't ever open any attachments from unknown senders and have even been known, on rare occasion, to double check with someone I do know who sent something that seems "out of character" or otherwise unusual before opening it.  I hate dealing with protected mode constantly, so I intentionally disable it so that when I do open an attachment, the behavior in the Office program is precisely what it would be if it were a document I created.

By the way, you can substitute, "things you will, or will not, download from the internet," for the attachments bit, too, as there's lots of material out there in MS-Word and MS-Excel formats in particular that you may want to download.  If it comes from a trustworthy source, e.g., Microsoft's Template site, my links to my tutorials, etc., then, by all means, download it and use it.  But for anything questionable, do your homework before even downloading it.  That can save you a lot of heartache.

Adjusting Protected View Settings in MS-Office Programs (docx format)

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