Re: NVDA not reading windows menu

hurrikennyandopo ...


Could you check the following.

I am guessing there are windows sounds you can hear.

Could I ask which version of nvda  are they running it can be found under the help then about section of nvda.

While nvda is running can you press the nvda key + ctrl key + the letter S this should bring up the select synthesizer menu.

Nvda should land on a synthesizer if it says no no speech arrow up to say windows one core voice or e speak and see if that fixes the problem

Wondering if the synth package you are using has crashed or may not no longer work with the latest version. What synth were they using? if it says it when you bring up the menu.

If it does say a synth then try the one below.

The second thing also while it is running is hit the nvda key + the letter S and get it to toggle from if off to beeps then talk.

Gene  nz

On 17/11/2021 11:33 pm, Jo Collingwood via wrote:

Hi, I have a students laptop that has just been updated to windows 10 and now when she presses the windows key and types in the search box, NVDA doesn't read, if she then uses the arrow keys to move through the list NVDA doesn't read. Once a program has opened it works fine! I would be grateful for any suggestions please as this is frustrating for the student.

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