Re: History of NVDA add-ons


Not sure, I started when it was nvda 415 and maybe earlier.

Initially it was not much better than narator.

Obviously it used all the internal components.

You can use it for the most part without addons.

And if all you want is brousing the net, using thunderbird or other email and or just standard windows even 10 you could do it without addons for the most part.

In fact for windows xp which was when it was created you really didn't need addons at all.

Later on especially after windows 7 there were features others wanted that well didn't make it in the final release.

It was in python and such, so people thought why not.

Or it simply could be the idea that maybe it should have modules or plugins.

Features can be swapped out and created for good or bad.

Most are free, some are not.

It can be a problem at times keeping up but still.

On 18/11/2021 6:57 am, Daniel McGee wrote:
Hi all

Was just wondering, about the background history of NVDA add-ons. 

When they got started, why and for what purpose.

I can remember using NVDA when it was first born. This was before add-ons were available. So during that era, of it's development, I switched to a mac for a few years. Once I finally returned to windows, at around 2018 or so, I find low and behold, all these amazing NVDA add-ons.

How this Marvelous screen reader, has grown and evolved over time!



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