Re: a very question about anti spyware programs and very critical issue for me!

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Ho did this software arrive on your system. Was it one of those pop up download things that sometimes happen on normal web sites and a bit of a distraction makes you click the install button.
I've never had one of these myself since having ad block software on my browsers, but now you have it, unless somebody knows how to hack it, I'm sorry to say, you are probably stuck with it .
Best plan I can say is to go back to the last backup before this happened and then try to get the files from the original sources that you are missing.
As a matter of interest is this a known encryption program which is legitimate or just somebody's ransom ware.
I suspect the latter, but if not and they are approachable most companies will let you have a one shot reverser utility to back out.

Other than that most of the things you need to protect yourself are between your ears and not in software, I have found, sometimes to my own cost.

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Subject: [nvda] a very question about anti spyware programs and very critical issue for me!

hello every one.
two weeks ago, my computer files were incrypted and now, i lost most
of my valuable files and informations.
i have now many readme files that require me to buy the decrypter
software and my personal product key.

this ransomware is called cerber3.
it changed the name and extensions of my files, to the strange letter
and numbers with cerber3 extention.
could you please guide me which firewall can i use?

i need a free program, accessible with nvda, using less system
resources, without reducing the speed of my system and reading of
nvda, capability of hiding my Ip and informations from hackers, saving
my data from unwanted changes, incryptions etc.

i realy need your help and i am very worried for my data.
i use windows xp, but i want a software that supports all versions of
windows including 32 and 64 bit versions!
thanks extremely for your help and God bless you all.

we have not sent you but as a mercy to the creation.
holy quran, chapter 21, verse 107.
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