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Russell James

Hi Ben

This is great news thanks for your reply!

I'll give it a try :-)


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Hi Russ


I use Teams daily at work on Windows 10 laptops without headphones and the screen reader audio cannot be heard by participants, unless I choose to share it. Of course, test this with somebody first to confirm, but this shouldn’t be an issue. Note that I have the Teams meeting audio and screen reader coming through the laptop speakers and am using the laptop’s built-in mic.


Regarding Zoom on Windows 10, as you mentioned, your screen reader audio will be heard if you’re not using headphones. However, interestingly, I ran a Zoom meeting on my Windows 11 machine recently without headphones (with the intention of participants hearing the screen reader) and the speech could not be heard until I shared it. Has anyone else tested this scenario on Windows 11 to confirm? I’m wondering if this is a change in how Windows 11 handles audio.


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Subject: [nvda] Windows10 - NVDA - MS Teams - Meetings




I'm looking for best practices for using NVDA with MS Teams meetings.


In the past I have often attended MS Teams meetings from my Android device.

Without the video which makes it similar to a phone conference call.

On that platform the screen reader is not heard by the meeting.


The few times I have joined a ZOOM meeting from Windows10 while using NVDA the meeting could hear my screen reader till I turned it off...

I'd like to avoid situations like that...


Now I'm interested in best ways to attend/present during MS Teams meetings on Windows10 while using NVDA.

I'm specifically interested in knowing if there are ways to use NVDA without the meeting hearing the screen reader audio.

There are probably helpful settings and audio accessories to support this.


Fortunately, there is a lot of accessibility documentation for MS Teams on multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, this makes it very time consuming to find these specific details...


Thanks in advance for any recommendations.






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