Re: Selecting Groups of Cells in Word Tables

Bhavya shah

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much - this is hugely appreciated! Your explanation was
incredibly clear and thus easy to follow, though my experience did
vary in some respects. In particular, NVDA read out the entire row
when I pressed Shift+down arrow (as opposed to only those cells of
that row which corresponded to the columns selected above), and the
read current selection command cemented that; however, when I pressed
Ctrl+C and then NVDA+C to cross-check, only the desired subset of the
row had been copied (as you described and was desired) as opposed to
the entire row (as misreported by NVDA). This process itself is buggy
and does not seem to work at all in applications like Firefox. My
understanding is that sighted mouse users have a fairly consistent way
of doing this across programs, and the same ought to be true for
screen reader users.

Do folks know if there are existing tickets on NVDA's GitHub tracker
covering this set of issues?


On 11/19/21, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
By the way, I had no idea how this was done with the keyboard.  I found this
information in multiple sources at the top of the results from web searching
on the phrase, "selecting cells in MS-Word tables using the keyboard."

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