Re: NVDA OCR - Can you save the text result somehow?

Rui Fontes

Just press Control+A to select all and Control+C to copy...

Rui Fontes

Às 02:34 de 20/11/2021, Brian Vogel escreveu:

In another topic regarding NVDA OCR, Quentin Christensen wrote:

When you press NVDA+r, what normally happens is NVDA reports "Recognising...", then shortly after "Result document".  No window is displayed visually, but as you navigate at this point, NVDA will read the text it has recognised.  Press escape to close this and return to the program.

I am using NVDA OCR on an image of a newspaper article, and everything Quentin reports is true.  But what I'm wondering is if there's a way to save the OCR content produced.  Another recent topic gave a clear indication that you can, as it appeared that someone had done just that, and then copied and pasted into a message sent to the group.

All that being said, and having looked at the Commands Quick Reference and the NVDA User Guide I can't seem to find anything  about how to save the result in something like Notepad, and there are times that this would be really handy.  Even multiple topics on NVDA OCR on the group don't hit upon this, at least the ones I've reviewed.

If this can be done, please share how.

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